The Supervisory and Management Skills Program

Supervisory and Management Skills (SMS)

SMS Series

The Supervisory and Management Skills (SMS) program is a series of ten sequenced and coordinated fourteen-hour courses providing comprehensive and interactive learning exercises geared to assist each participant in becoming a better supervisor. Topics covered include the ten most-frequently mentioned supervisory training needs.

Each of the ten courses is designed to be taught in seven two-hour modules involving discussion settings.

The SMS program is truly a leader in the field of supervisory development and comprises the most comprehensive learning package offered to business and industry today.

SMS 1 - Introduction to Supervision
Seven two-hour sessions

Introduction to Supervision is designed around three very important concepts. First, the supervisory job is distinct from other management positions and therefore imposes unique needs on those who perform it. Second, participants are expected to practice applying the principles learned while taking the course. Third, it is designed to be useful in a variety of organizations.

Topics covered:

    "The Challenge of Supervising"
    "What Supervising is All Abou"
    "Understanding Employee Behavior"
    "The Supervisor as a Leader/Problem Solver/Person"

 SMS 2 - Management Principles
Seven two-hour sessions

This course is designed to introduce supervisors / potential supervisors to basic management principles. It presumes no formal training in management courses, but some experience in business or public organizations will facilitate understanding. Its purpose is threefold: to present practical ideas and tools for practicing supervisors; to build a foundation of management concepts; and to help each student develop a positive and constructive philosophy of management.

Topics covered:

    "Basics of Planning"
    "Organizing and Organization"
    "The Art and Science of Directing"
    "Information for Decisions"

 SMS 3 - Communications Skills
Seven two-hour sessions

Many of the problems supervisors face involve communication. These are potentially the most difficult problems, because of differing points of view and modes of expression. The goal of this course is to heighten supervisor effectiveness through enhanced communications skills.

Topics covered:

    "The Basics of Communication"
    "Resolving Communication Problems"
    "Developing Listening Skills"

SMS 4 - Interpersonal Relationships
Seven two-hour sessions

The emphasis here is on skills in dealing with people. In particular, this course builds on the concepts developed in Communication Skills. Ways of increasing effectiveness in interpersonal relationships are examined.

Topics covered:

    "Improving Skills in Dealing with People"
    "Handling Conflict in, and Building Effective, Interpersonal Relationships"

 SMS 5 - Developing Employee Performance
Seven two-hour sessions

This course is the first in a series that stresses skill applications. The course is concerned with how supervisors monitor and build employee performance. Discussions cover the concepts only as they relate to that task. It will be helpful, though not absolutely essential, to have experienced the first four courses in the series.

Topics covered:

    "The Nature of Work Performance / Reviewing and Appraising Performance"
    "Recognizing and Handling Work Problems"

 SMS 6 - Challenge of a New Employee
Seven two-hour sessions

This course is concerned with getting the new employee started properly and with a positive orientation toward the job. It applies concepts and skills developed in previous programs, especially human skills. Like other courses, it stands on its own, but prior exposure to SMS courses 1 through 4 would be helpful.

Topics covered:

    "The Employee and You"
    "Planning a Position"
    "Teaching and Training"
    "Special Problem Situations"

 SMS 7 - Coaching Counseling
Seven two-hour sessions

This course is concerned with the supervisor's job as a counselor. It covers the most important counseling skills and concepts and stresses day-to-day informal counseling. It has been estimated that one in every five interactions that supervisors have with employees is a potential or actual counseling situation. Supervisors skilled in handling counseling problems and administering counseling "first aid" can save enormously in time, labor costs, and morale, not to mention the increased commitment and effort that results when employees feel management cares about their problems.

Topics covered:

    "Coaching: Day-to-Day Guidance and Counseling"
    "Career Guidance Counseling"
    "Dealing with Personal Problems"


SMS 8 - Leadership Development
Seven two-hour sessions


Course 8 speaks to the “art and science” of leadership – the problems, concepts, and techniques of leading people.  The leader must understand both internal and external influences and realize that he or she does not operate in a vacuum.  There are “basics” to learning how to truly work with others.

Topics covered:

    “Choosing the Best Leadership Strategy”

    “Innovative Leadership and Decision Making”

    “The Interpersonally-Effective Leader”

    “Leading Yourself and Following Your Leader”

 SMS 9 - Business Concepts
Seven two-hour sessions

This topic is concerned with developing working knowledge of business concepts and practices. The purpose of this course is to provide information and experiences that will help participants use the material to become better supervisors.

Topics covered:

    "Understanding Your Economic System"
    "Knowing Your Business and Financial Management System"

SMS 10 -Law for the Layman
Seven two-hour sessions

This course provides a brief overview of law believed to be pertinent to the business structure. Although the course may be termed introductory, it contains considerable emphasis on government laws and regulations that are difficult due to both complexity and number. The foundations provided in the early modules will allow for a better understanding of this material.

Topics covered:

    "Law and the Legal Process"
    "Criminal and Tort Law and Contract Law"

Returns Policy

Class size for professional development courses can change dramatically at the last minute.  We encourage you to place orders for the bulk of the class members early.  We will handle returns on a case-by-case basis.  But as long as you return items currently available through NMA in saleable condition, we can give you full credit for your returns.