September 12-15
San Antonio, TX

2018 Annual Conference Quicklinks
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What can you do in San Antonio? Make new connections, spark new ideas for your career development, get energized to lead your chapter to an award-winning one, learn industry trends, renew your excitement about the work you do, rekindle the passion for meeting colleagues face to face, and just learn and have some fun. Think of it as investing in your own health and well being. There is a LOT to be said for getting away from work and kicking back with other business professionals.

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Regular Registration (paid after August 20) $895
Early Bird Discount (paid by COB August 20) $25
Chapter Rewards Discount (10% off Early Bird Price) $87
Net Registration with Early Bird & Chapter Rewards $783
Other Registration Types
One Day Registration (Thu, Fri, or Sat) $325
Spousal Registration $715

If you register and pay for your registration by August 20, you will automatically receive a $25 early bird discount that will take your registration down to $870.

You also have another opportunity to lower your registration even more by using your Chapter Rewards to receive 10% off the early bird price of $870… an additional $87 in savings!

In addition, your chapter may have deferred conference fees that they paid in 2017 in lieu of a refund for those registrations. If so, you may check with NMA before your register to see how much that amount was and use it for part of your 2018 registration fees.

Just by using just your early bird discount and 10% chapter rewards (if you have chapter rewards available) this could take your total registration fee down to $783 before applying any 2017 prepaid registration fees!



Conference Schedule

2018 Conference Schedule

Educational Sessions

Misipati 'Semi' Bird, MS

Misipati “Semi” Bird, MS

Associate Director – Senior Instructor
Washington State University Tri-Cities
Leadership Academy
Richland, WA

Employee Centric Leadership – Leading with Personal and Professional Intelligence (PPI)Thursday, September 13th (10:15 am – 11:45 am)

Personal and Professional Intelligence theory is a qualitative and quantitative framework which underpins a leader’s social cognitive ability to effectively engage with employees and stakeholders alike.

In this presentation, internationally acclaimed educator, instructor, and author, M. Semi Bird, will share how his exploits and experiences as a combat tested Special Forces Green Beret led him to create the PPI theory and why he thinks it’s a game changer for leading in the 21st century.

Semi knows first-hand, the value of developing high performing teams and the impact on organizational performance. Semi has leveraged his experience in leadership and organizational development to develop a suite of highly effective workshops, seminars, and courses focusing on developing high performing teams and emotionally intelligent leaders.

Dr. Deborah Bright

Dr. Deborah Bright

President, Bright Enterprises, Inc.
Tucson, AZ

Good News About Criticism…Friday, September 14th (10:00 am – 11:30 am)

Deb Bright, a former nationally-ranked top 10 US women’s platform and springboard diver and Olympic qualifier, is founder and president of Bright Enterprises, Inc., a consulting firm devoted to enhancing performance

As organizations call for greater accountability and transparency, it’s important for them to understand what role quality criticism plays in the workplace. In 2016 Dr. Bright partnered with NMA and our chapters, conducting research and surveying NMA members about giving AND receiving criticism. Deb wanted to learn if people are sufficiently trained to deliver it and receive it, and are organizations and their leaders sincerely dedicated to the idea of open and honest behavioral feedback? Our survey showed an overwhelming resistance to “banning the word criticism” while 67% of managers reported that they had received NO training in how to give criticism.

Findings from our survey revealed many other noteworthy trends which Deb will share with our Conference audience. With the proper use of criticism, leaders promote trust and respect and create a culture where open communication prevails and performance soars. But there is some serious work to be done in the workplace before criticism becomes a conversation and NOT a confrontation!

Shari Storm, MBA

Shari Storm, MBA

University of Washington Experimental College
Washington State University Tri-Cities Leadership Academy
Seattle, WA

Building a Positive and Productive Culture through Strategic Leadership
Friday, September 14th (2:15 pm – 3:45 pm)

Today’s leaders and managers must learn techniques to help others – and themselves – thrive during times of change. Companies are constantly evolving. If you can grow with your company, you’ll be seen as an exemplary team player and exceptional leader.

Join us in San Antonio and learn the art of motivating others – and yourself – to be more productive, more effective and to enjoy your job more. Discuss ways to solidify a positive working environment and build team morale.

Learn how to instill a culture of problem solvers. Promote activities that enable employees to think critically to resolve conflict, improve processes and enhance operations.

Often small changes in the way we interact with others can have a big impact on our ability to accomplish goals. Hear helpful tips to get higher performance from your employees.

Shari speaks around the country on how anyone can be a better leader, employee and community member by adjusting the way we think of, interact with and respond to other people. Her humorous observations of human nature are as relevant as they are useful.

Brenda Bakker Harger, MFA

Brenda Bakker Harger, MFA

Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Bosch Institute,
Pittsburgh, PA

Improvisational Acting Workshop – The Leadership Potential
Saturday, September 15th (3:00 pm – 4:30 pm)

Every manager and leader has been “hit” with the unexpected. Seemingly out of nowhere, you are confronted with a situation that you didn’t see coming. Often without the benefit of background or context, you have to deal with it NOW. In this highly interactive workshop, Brenda Bakker Harger will provide the survival skills for thinking on your feet. As she says, “Life is Improv” and our NMA audience will benefit from her theatre background in teaching actors how to master improvisation. Brenda says, “We all face situations for which we have no script! How we deal with those can make or break us.”

Workshop participants will use games and exercises to be introduced to the improvisational paradigm and practice related soft and hard skills. Good leadership requires the willingness to know your team and be willing to take risks with them. Improv focuses on taking risks and exploring the moment to moment, so participants learn to access that untapped part of themselves that creates in the form of play. The aim is not to teach how to perform, but to teach them how to use the skills they develop in improv to enhance their future work. Likewise, participants will be able to focus on the application of skills rather than achievement by placing the emphasis on creation instead of performance.

Brenda Bakker Harger is a theatre director (MFA Carnegie Mellon University), improviser, and professor of Entertainment technology at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center where she teaches improvisational acting and leads diverse interdisciplinary projects. She also teaches in the Carnegie Bosch Institute’s flagship 3-week “Global Leadership Executive Program” and its 3-day “Leading Innovation” program.