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Curious About NMA… THE Leadership Development Organization?

NMA… THE Leadership Development Organization is a professional association dedicated to growing the leader in YOU! In today’s world, you don’t have to sit in a corner office on the top floor to be a leader. In fact, you’ll never get to the top floor if people don’t see your leadership potential a few floors below. NMA is here to help!

You can acquire and practice the leadership competencies and attributes you need to get ahead.

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, NMA is a national, not-for-profit organization serving thousands of customers worldwide.  Many members belong to company-based, in-house chapters, representing organizations such as healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, communications, government, aerospace, and defense.  Others are members of community chapters, comprising members from multiple organizations and disciplines. Still others participate in our Individual Membership Program.

NMA provides management and leadership development opportunities to help sponsoring organizations discover, develop, and showcase leadership talent.  They are all yours for the asking.  Come explore the website and learn more.

Vision Statement

NMA is the recognized worldwide partnership of people and businesses inspiring outstanding leadership, and cultivating highly productive workplaces.

Mission Statement

NMA offers leadership development products and creates opportunities that maximize the potential of our members, sponsoring organizations, and communities.

Statement of Principles

NMA is dedicated to managerial excellence, personal and professional growth, and leadership development. The following principles identify NMA’s core beliefs and provide the basis for the Association’s Mission Statement.

  • We believe in the highest standards of personal and organizational integrity and respect for the individual.
  • We believe in lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and the development of a workforce capable of sustaining a competitive posture in the global economy.
  • We believe management is a creative, dynamic, and essential process enabling people to achieve personal and organizational objectives.
  • We believe that managerial responsibility is shared among all individuals at all levels of the organization and that leadership is critical to management success.
  • We believe that individuals and organizations have a community and civic responsibility.

Code of Ethics

  • I will recognize that all individuals inherently desire to practice their occupations to the best of their ability
  • I will assume that all individuals want to do their best
  • I will maintain a broad and balanced outlook and will recognize value in the ideas and opinions of others
  • I will be guided in all my activities by truth, accuracy, fair dealing and good taste
  • I will keep informed on the latest developments in techniques, equipment, and processes
  • I will recommend or initiate methods to increase productivity and efficiency
  • I will support efforts to strengthen the management profession through training and education
  • I will help my associates reach personal and professional fulfillment
  • I will earn and carefully guard my reputation for good moral character and good citizenship
  • I will promote the principles of our Free Enterprise System to others, by highlighting its accomplishments and displaying confidence in its future
  • I will recognize that leadership is a call to service
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