Chapter Rewards Program

NMA chapters can now SAVE MONEY on a wide array of NMA products and services.  A new “perk” for our affiliates, there are now great redemption alternatives for the former “Educational Dividend Program”, which has now been replaced with this Chapter Rewards Program.

How does it work?

As a chapter “in good standing” (with its dues current), you get $2.00 “credit” for every member of your chapter, based on the official NMA Membership Report on December 31st of the previous year.  If you had 200 members as of December 31, 2012, (in essence January 1, 2013) then you have a $400 credit to “spend” as you wish.

  • There is no carryover from year to year.
  • We will provide a Rewards Program “available credit” notice each January and a reminder notice in September, advising you of any unused credits still available to you. Feel free to “check your remaining rewards points” with a staff member at any time of course!
  • Rewards credits may be used to receive a “percentage off” the cost of selected NMA products.

Your Rewards Credits May Be Applied as Follows:

  • Awards and merchandise – 10% off the purchase price of all awards & merchandise
  • LDC Registrations (in addition to the Early Bird Discount!) – 10% off
  • Annual Conference Registrations (in addition to the Early Bird Discount) – 10%off
  • President & Past Presidents Pins – 20% off
  • Foundations of Management course – 20% off
  • FaciliSkills™ – 50% off
  • Leadership in a Virtual Workplace – 50% off
  • NMA’s Next Top Leadership Model – 50% off
  • Live Online Group Login – 100% off
  • Sponsored Speaker – 100% of the cost of a speaker, with a $200 maximum

If you have any questions about this new program, please contact NMA at 937-294-0421 or e-mail:

Steve Bailey –

Robin Furlong –

Sue Kappeler –