Earn Revenue For Your Chapter

Want to Earn $$$ Revenue for your Chapter?


Help NMA Charter a New Chapter!

NMA chapters will be financially incentivized for taking a lead role in chartering new NMA chapters.  For example, if your chapter can help us develop a 100-person chapter nearby or within your parent organization, then keep reading and learn how to receive $2500 for your efforts!

This new Chapter Marketing Incentive Plan has been designed to get our existing chapters engaged in initiating and sustaining a new chapter development relationship with a potential prospect.  You’ll get $25 for every member who joins that chapter within the first six months after chartering.


How do you get started?

Survey your local geographic area and/or personal and professional “spheres of influence” to find organizations/communities suitable for an NMA chapter

Call upon representatives/key decision-makers therein, in order to introduce the NMA chapter concept to appropriate audiences; invite them to chapter meetings, possibly recognize their executives through NMA awards, etc.

Establish, maintain, and “work” all promising leads, calling upon the NMA staff and/or volunteer leaders (Directors, chapter leaders, etc.) to assist in marketing NMA as appropriate

Work with the NMA staff to establish a Steering Committee and provide advice and counsel to individuals working toward the establishment of a chapter

Guide said new chapter(s) through all steps of formation and chartering and keep NMA Headquarters advised of all action plans and accomplishments

Serve as an ex-officio advisory group to new chapter during its first year of operation.


What assistance will be available?

Chapters should have a New Chapter Development Committee and a Chair who will contact NMA headquarters to express interest in learning more and/or declaring that you are positioning yourselves to become representatives of NMA and will identify target organizations/communities as ripe for new chapter development.

NMA will provide your chapter with marketing materials and work with you to design “targeted” materials if requested.  Chapters that develop their own will be asked to share them with headquarters to ensure uniformity, conformity with standard NMA marketing messages, and professional appearance.

The NMA President or a designated Board member will coach and counsel your chapter representatives in the areas of representing NMA professionally, your knowledge of NMA chartering processes and procedures, your ability to understand and apply first-rate marketing strategies, and your desire to work collaboratively with the NMA staff and volunteers.

Chapters will be asked to determine any “conflict of interest” concerns or appearances; those will need to be addressed as appropriate.

Interested chapters may ask for a new chapter development tutorial/ orientation program conducted by the NMA President.


What is the compensation/revenue-sharing plan?

$25 will be paid to the sponsoring chapter for each member of the new chapter for whom dues and registration fees are paid and received by NMA.

Payment will be made after the submission of the new chapter’s first Membership Report (along with dues and registration fees).

Additional compensation (at $25/member) will be paid at the end of six months if the new chapter adds new members and their total membership is more at the end of six months than it was at the end of the first month.

No expenses for travel or marketing will be reimbursed; volunteers who work on new chapter development projects are not employees of the Association.


Don’t forget that in addition to this new chapter incentive program, NMA will also work with individuals who wish to become Commissioned Marketing Representatives of NMA under a similarly styled program.  To learn more, simply contact NMA Headquarters.