This is the highest award NMA can offer to an individual. For the Executive in your organization who has supported your chapter, we encourage you to nominate him/her for NMA’s highest award, EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR.  Chapters and/or councils must submit nominations for this award on the official nomination form to National by May 15 each year.

Nominees submitted shall be senior executive managers of companies affiliated with NMA who have gained noteworthy recognition for their accomplishments in the field of management and who have conducted their personal and business affairs in a manner in keeping with the Association’s Code of Ethics.  The Recognition Committee receives and reviews all nominations submitted for the Executive of the Year Award and selects the recipient.  This award is presented annually at the Association’s Annual Conference that is held in the fall each year.

To assist you in preparing your nominations, a “Guidance for Writing Successful Nominations” has been prepared for you.  This was written by a couple of “award winning” nomination authors.



Past NMA Executive of the Year Recipients

1935 C. L. Proctor Toledo Edison Co. Toledo, OH
1936 Frank H. Adams Surface Combustion Co. Toledo, OH
1937 A. M. Degner Surface Combustion Co. Toledo, OH
1938 C. C. Kendrick Met “L” Wood Corp. San Diego, CA
1939 Harry H. Woodhead Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp. Chicago, IL
1940 George Spatta Clark Equipment Co. Buchanon, MI
1941 S. C. Allyn National Cash Register Dayton, OH
1942 C. E. Wilson General Motors Corp. Detroit, MI
1943 J. A. Robertshaw Fulton Controls Youngwood, PA
1944 C. R. Hook Armco Steel Corp. Middletown, OH
1945 H. Kindelberger  American Aviation Los Angeles, CA
1946 Robert E. Gross Lockheed Aircraft Burbank, CA
1947 Fred Maytag, II The Maytag Co. Newton, IA
1948 W. D. Robinson Briggs Manufacturing Detroit, MI
1949 George R. Fink Great Lakes Steel Corp. Wyandotte, MI
1950 Frank H. Irelan Delco Products GMC Dayton, OH
1951 Robert F. Loetscher Farley & Loetscher Mfg. Co. Dubuque, IA
1952 Mason M. Roberts General Motors Corp. Dayton, OH
1953 Ralph S. Damon Trans World Airlines New York, NY
1954 John T. Beatty United Specialities Co. Chicago, IL
1955 Alva W. Phelps The Oliver Corp. Chicago, IL
1956 Gen. J. T. McNarney Convair San Diego, CA
1957 Gen. H. F. Safford The Ohio Rubber Co. Willoughby, OH
1958 Thomas E. Millsop National Steel Corp. Pittsburgh, PA
1959 George Romney American Motors Corp. Detroit, MI
1960 Thomas W. Martin Alabama Power Co. Birmingham, AL
1961 John Mihalic Avco Corp. NY, TN, OH
1962 Frank J. Schaeffer US Steel Corp. Pittsburgh, PA
1963 Albrecth M. Lederer A. M. Lederer & Co. New York, NY
1964 Floyd D. Gottwald Ethyl Corp. Richmond, VA
1965 Charles C. Gates Gates Rubber Co. Denver, CO
1966 Daniel J. Haughton Lockheed Aircraft Burbank, CA
1967 Russell De Young Goodyear Tire Akron, OH
1968 Lynn A. Townsend Chrysler Corp. Detroit, MI
1969 D. C. Burnham Westinghouse Electric Pittsburgh, PA
1970 Robert G. Dunlop Sun Oil Corp. Philadelphia, PA
1971 George H. Weyerhaeuser Weyerhaeuser Co. Tacoma, WA
1972 Frederick G. Jaicks Inland Steel Co. Chicago, IL
1973 Melvin C. Holm Carrier Corp. Syracuse, NY
1974 Michael Blumenthal The Bendix Corp. Southfield, MI
1975 Willard W. Rockwell Rockwell International Pittsburgh, PA
1976 William Plummer Drake Rennwalt Corp. Philadelphia, PA
1977 Ray W. MacDonald Burroughs Corp. Detroit, MI
1978 Kenneth Rule Daniel American Cast Iron Pipe Birmingham, AL
1979 Robert Dickey, III Dravo Corp. Pittsburgh, PA
1980 Robert Anderson Rockwell International Pittsburgh, PA
1981 Alvin W. Vogtle, Jr. The Southern Comapny Atlanta, GA
1982 David S. Lewis General Dynamics Corp. St. Louis, MO
1983 Roy A. Anderson Lockheed Corp. Burbank, CA
1984 Olin B. King SCI Systems Incorporated Huntsville, AL
1985 Edward L. Addison The Southern Company Atlanta, GA
1986 H. L. Culbreath TECO Energy, Inc. Tampa, FL
1987 Lawrence O. Kitchen Lockheed Corp. Calabasas, CA
1988 Harry W. Todd Rohr Industries, Inc. Chula Vista, CA
1989 William K. Coors Adolph Coors Co. Golden, Colorado
1990 Donald R. Beall Rockwell International El Segundo, CA
1991 Daniel J. Krumm Maytag Corporation Newton, IA
1992 Marvin Runyon US Postal Service Washington, D.C.
1993 Dan Tellep Lockheed Corporation Calabasas, CA
1994 Kent Black Rockwell Richardson, TX
1995 Larry Bossidy Allied Signal South Bend, IN
1996 Webb F. Joiner Bell Helicopter Textron Fort Worth, TX
1997 Joseph J. Buggy Westinghouse Savannah River Site Aiken, SC
1998 Norman F. Augustine Lockheed Martin Corporation Bethesda, MD
1999 Jim Albaugh The Boeing Company Seal Beach, CA
2000 Van Richey American Cast Iron Pipe Company Birmingham, AL
2001 Dain Hancock Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Fort Worth, TX
2002 Vance Coffman Lockheed Martin Corporation Bethesda, MD
2003 Mike McCulley United Space Alliance Houston, TX
2004 Robert Stevens Lockheed Martin Corporation Bethesda, MD
2005 Brewster Shaw United Space Alliance Houston, TX
2006 Ken Asbury Lockheed Martin Colorado Springs, CO
2007 Ralph Heath Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Fort Worth, TX
2008 James McNerney, Jr. The Boeing Company Chicago, IL
2009 Lee E. Rhyant Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Marietta, GA
2010 Howard DeCastro United Space Alliance Houston, TX
2011 Michael Coats National Aeronautics and Space Administration Houston, TX
2012 Tricia Keith Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Detroit, MI
2013 Bridget Lauderdale Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Fort Worth, TX
2014 Richard “Rick” Baily Boeing Corporation Huntington Beach, CA
2015 Orlando Carvalho Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Fort Worth, TX
2016 Michelle Billingsley Blue Care Network Detroit, MI
2017 George Shultz Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Marietta, GA
2018 Tiffany Albert Blue Care Network Detroit, MI
2019 Karmyn Norwood Lockheed Martin Corporation Marietta, GA
2020 Liz Haar Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan Detroit, MI


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