FaciliSkills 1

Course 1—Making the SMART Connection

Session 1—Introduction & The Curtain Rises

Session 2—Environmental Controls:  Rules of the Game

Session 3—Harvesting the Collective Knowledge of the Group

Session 4—Fostering Commitment

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What You Will Learn:

What teams are supposed to do
What is a “Dynamic Facilitator
Key facilitation competencies
Can you facilitate?
The key meeting management “drivers”
What should be the “expected outcomes” of a meeting?
What constitutes a “successful” meeting?
Understanding meeting stakeholders
Knowing what to do “before the curtain rises” on your meeting
How to control the meeting environment
Establishing the “rules of the game” on the front end
Different facilitation techniques
Creative problem-solving
How to build consensus
Why the “tone” of a meeting matters
How to seek common ground
Understanding boundaries
Be careful of what you don’t know

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