FaciliSkills 2

The Art and Science of Self-Mastery

Session 1—The Essence of Communication

Session 2—Styles of Communication

Session 3—Communication Skills

Session 4—Cultural Communications

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What You Will Learn

How to build good working relationships
The “6 People” in every interaction
Osmo Wiio’s Communication Maxims
The impact of interpersonal communication
What is contextual communication?
Perception vs reality when it comes to communicating
How different communication methods impact a meeting
Why understanding non-verbal communication is key
Speaking and listening as communication “elements”
Differing styles of communication
The “receiving” communicator
What is your communication sending style?
How to deal with aggressive, assertive, and passive communicators
What is empathetic listening?
How to identify listening “blocks”
The importance of asking questions
How to communicate across different cultures

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