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About the FaciliSkills Program


Available for $35 per workshop participant, with a $125 facilitator guide for all four workshops, this one-of-a-kind program reveals the secrets of the art of people facilitation.

Each of the four, six-hour workshops focuses on key related skills which address:

  1. Making the SMART Connection,
  2. The Art & Science of Self-Mastery,
  3. Transformational Leadership, and
  4. Logistics and Process Dynamics.

FaciliSkills™ teaches that it’s “collaborative relationships” which open doors and allow people to work together. The contemporary manager and leader is a facilitator…specially equipped to lead others through both the journey and the process of problem solving and decision making. FaciliSkills™ creates breakthrough levels of trust that can transform a group into a decision-making team. With enhanced performance, cycle times are shortened and costs are reduced. Energy becomes synergy and a new can-do culture emerges. It’s time to end unproductive meetings. It’s time to end the seemingly constant struggle of getting people to come together and make decisions.

Workshop 1


Making the SMART Connection
“Getting people on the same page is a matter of being ‘relationship smart’ in all that we do.”

Before the Curtain Rises
Learn how to set the stage for participation and performance

Environmental Controls
Avoid frustration by creating a productive environment

Setting the Rules of the Game
Establish parameters and clarify expectations

Harvesting the Collective Knowledge of the Group
Utilize others’ experiences to your advantage

Fostering Commitment
Understand how buy-in leads to total engagement



Workshop 2


The Art & Science of Self-Mastery
Understanding your communication skills in order to build collaborative relationships.”

The Essence of Communication
Learn how to provide context in all of your communications
Eliminate “killer non-verbals” that destroy meetings and relationships

Communication Styles that Make You or Break You
Develop tactics for dealing with aggressive or passive behavior
Unleash your most effective communication style

Critical Skills that Build Unity
Develop and master active listening skills
Understand how to use “learning” questions

Communicate Across Cultures
Avoid the “stereotyping trap”
Leverage diversity to advance the group



Workshop 3


Transformational Leadership
“Developing an atmosphere of trust to stay on task, manage multiple personalities, and create a decision-making environment.”

Methods for developing group consensus
Understand how different personalities affect meetings and outcomes
Handle people who are not of the same mindset
Negotiate group “Mind Fields” successfully

Creative ways to build momentum
Use innovative strategies that allow the group to motivate itself
Understand the “mixed bag” of trust

The Core of Personality
From Maslow to Myers-Briggs… apply the theories that really work
Free one another from attitudes and prejudices that impede progress

The Big Leap of Transformation
Understand the essence of group development… the tasks and processes

Dealing with conflicting ideas
Negotiate the minefields of discord and dissent
Encourage conflict to build collaboration



Workshop 4


Logistics and Process Dynamics
“Turning energy into synergy through problem solving and decision making”

Meetings are really exercises in implementing change
Relate the task to existing visions and missions
Learn how to “check for understanding”
Understand how clear focus on core values leads to goal achievement

“Build” consensus as you go along
Take charge with agendas that provide direction and flow
Design a process and rules for meetings

An audit of meeting management drivers
Utilize decision-making models effectively
Negotiate unexpected detours
Harness “outside” influences to advance your mission

Decision making and problem solving
Learn when to optimize and when to compromise
Beyond the channel… navigate the rocks and sandbars hiding beneath the surface