February 18, 2021 NMA LiveOnline

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Charles Kettering, the founding of NMA,

and Dayton Innovation

Thursday, February 18, 2021 – Noon and 3 p.m. EST
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NMA’s founder Charles Kettering was a prolific inventor with over 180 patents to his credit. Above he is pictured working on the electric starter for the automobile. This device revolutionized society because it brought the ability to drive to anyone — including women . Some of his other discoveries include Freon for refrigerators and air conditioners, leaded gasoline, and light-weight  diesel engines which revolutionized locomotive and heavy equipment industries. Kettering founded Delco, was head of research at General Motors, and developed the paints for vehicles still in use today. Leadership Development inside the companies he founded was the impetus behind the founding of NMA. This webinar will take a look back at the man who had the foresight to see the importance of leadership development  even today.

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