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This award is given to an Individual in recognition of significant personal and professional contributions to the development of management/leadership – its advocacy through exemplary personal behavior, or its development via writing, teaching, or theory development.  Consideration is also given to outstanding achievements in the related areas of human resource development, training, ethics, and transformational leadership. 

Chapters and/or councils must submit nominations for this award on the official nomination form found on NMA’s website to National by June 1 each year.  The Recognition Committee reviews these nominations to ensure that they satisfy the guidelines and make the final selection. The recipient will be “inducted” during a general session of NMA’s Annual Conference.

To assist you in preparing your nominations, a “Guidance for Writing Successful Nominations” has been prepared for you.  This was written by a couple of “award winning” nomination authors.



Hall of Fame Recipients



1978 Charles F. Kettering
1979 Louis Ruthenberg
1979 Thomas Fordham
1980 H J. “Jack” Post
1981 T. Claude Ryan
1982 John Leland Atwood
1983 Harry W. Todd
1985 Peter F. Drucker
1985 Royal Little
1986 George Odiorne
1987 Kenneth Rule Daniel
1988 Fritz Hauf, CM
1989 Larry Kitchen
1990 Robert Anderson
1991 Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson
1992 Sanford N. “Sandy” McDonnell
1993 Robert L. Norton, CM
1994 John B. “Jack” Munson
1995 John N. McMahon
1996 Ben R. Rich
1997 Lloyd Shoppa
1998 John G. Eagan
1999 John Herschel Glenn, Jr.
2000 Milton S. Hershey
2001 Dr. David H. Ponitz
2002 Richard E. Thomas
2003 Will Keith Kellogg
2004 Willis M. Hawkins
2005 Florine Mark
2006 Anthony “Tony” Filippis, Sr.
2007 Michael I. “Mike” Mott
2008 Aram Mika
2010 Michael and Marian Ilitch
2011 Larry McQuien
2012 Peter Karmanos, Jr.
2014 Hugh Dorrian
2015 Sal Acosta