McFeely_AwardThis award is given in recognition to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the fields of either management and/or leadership development through published books, articles, theory development, positions held, or teaching. The award was established as a tribute to Wilbur M. McFeely, a creative thinking individual who made significant contributions to the field of human relations in management. A plaque will be presented to the recipient at the Association’s Annual Conference. The recipient will also be expected to participate in the education portion of the conference by giving a presentation in the field of their expertise. Qualifications – Nominees are either nationally or internationally recognized for developmental accomplishments in the fields of management or leadership development. They are visionary and innovative thinkers whose ideas have influenced the operation of both organizations and the people who work in the organizations. While membership in the Association is not a requirement, the nominee should be an advocate of the Association’s Code of Ethics. This honor cannot be awarded posthumously. The recipient must agree to be present to accept the award. Any NMA member is eligible to nominate someone for this award.  Nominee names must be submitted to the NMA Executive Director no later than December 1 (nomination would be for the following year). This should include a biography of the nominee and information on how to contact the nominee. If more than one qualified nominee is received, the Chairman of Recognition, Staff Advisor of Recognition, the NMA President , and the NMA Chairman of the Board will determine the final nominee.

NMA McFeely Recipients

1975 William G. Sharwell
1976 Benjamin B. Tregoe
1977 Robert L. Gardiner
1978 Lester R. Bittel, CM
1979 Dr. David K. Berlo
1980 Dr. George S. Odiorne, CM
1981 Dr. Frederick I. Herzberg
1982 Dr. Gordon L. Lippitt, CM
1983 Dr. Peter F. Drucker
1984 Dr. W. Edwards Deming
1985 Lee Iacocca, CM
1986 Dr. Thomas Peters, CM
1987 Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, CM
1988 Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, CM
1989 Dr. Theodore Levitt, CM
1990 Dr. Morris Massey, CM
1991 Dr. Stephen R. Covey, CM
1992 Robert Townsend, CM
1993 Frances Hesselbein
1994 Zig Ziglar
1995 Dr. Rosabeth Moss Kanter
1996 Max O. DePree
1997 Dr. Peter Senge
1998 Robert K. Greenleaf (Posthumous)
1999 Dr. William J. Perry
2000 Philip B. Crosby
2001 James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner
2002 Lance H.K. Secretan
2003 David L. Neidert, CM
2004 Norman R. Augustine
2006 Dr. John Kotter
2008 John Ryan
2011 Dr. Barbara Kellerman
2013 Marcus Buckingham
2016 Dr. John C. Maxwell

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