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Stop looking for demons! Reframing the narrative of disruption

Join us for this upcoming NMA Live Online!!

Thursday, August 20, 2020, 12:00 pm & 3:00 pm EDT

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This unique and thought-provoking webinar will intrigue everyone who recognizes that future success is unlikely to be achieved by doing only what we’ve done in the past. As traditional business models become increasingly impacted by a crisis of diminishing relevance, this session will seek out the core elements of “disruption” … and investigate methodologies that best enable striving for future viability.  It will explore the compelling need for self-disruption that can only be achieved through research-based, discovery-driven strategy development processes. Business models must be held up to scrutiny, and value propositions must be questioned. There is no status quo if the marketplace is changing around you.

Topics included:

  • Reframing the narrative of disruption
  • Self-disruption as the only means of ensuring future relevance
  • Reexamination of the Efficiency/Resilience trade-off
  • The existential crisis of diminishing relevance in “The Age of the Consumer”
  • The fourth “industrial revolution” that makes reinvention imperative
  • The requirement for different skills and competencies of leaders
  • Social behaviors and biases in strategy development
  • Discovery-driven planning as the most effective process for future success

Meet your facilitator

John Oliver’s career in the financial services sector spans over forty years, working both in Europe and the United States. Over the past twenty years, he has built a thriving consulting practice with a focus on strategy development, change management, and corporate governance.

John’s passion lies in strategic management consulting, and he is responsible for the creation, design, and implementation of his company’s highly-regarded FIplanner strategy-development process for community banks, and the similar CUplanner process for other industries. As a proponent of discovery-driven planning, his goal in implementing these comprehensive processes is to focus on the practical rather than the conceptual and to develop meaningful, data-driven, and measurable strategies to guide organizations through these most challenging times and into a viable and relevant future. His processes have been hailed as a logical, step-by-step process without all the abstractions that are so often involved.”

Mr. Oliver is the author of the book What Really Is Expected of Me? – The Directors Guidebook and has contributed to strategy-related articles in numerous business publications. Over the last two decades, he has addressed senior executives and board members from all over the world. His consulting services have been successfully utilized by organizations of all sizes and types, from small community-focused corporations to major multi-national institutions. His passion and enthusiasm as a speaker serve to make challenging topics both compelling and thought-provoking.




Webinars are conducted on the third Thursday of the month, unless otherwise noted due to potential conflicts with national, regional, or other NMA meetings.

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