Recent Testimonial from an NMA Chapter President

As NMA approaches month four of our “Each One, Reach One, Lose None” Membership Growth Campaign, we are reminded how much “personal outreach” can matter when it comes to gaining new members. Associate Director Elaine Walsh from our “Leadership Link” Chapter in Lincoln, NE, shared the following story in her most recent report:

“Dan Wright was a Co-President of Leadership Link, probably 5 years ago, when he personally recruited Kendall Warnock to become a member. Dan is now retired but he was Lincoln’s Interim Fire Chief and Battalion Chief. He worked for the Fire Department and served the City of Lincoln for many years. Ken is now our chapter president and shared the following in our chapter’s September 2017 newsletter:
‘I remember a few years ago, when Chief Dan Wright asked me to join Leadership Link, I thought ‘What the heck is ‘Leadership Link and what benefit could possibly come out of it?’ As I began attending monthly meetings and started to develop relationships with others it became clear to me – Leadership Link is about lifting each other up, being supportive, and pushing each other to be better leaders and ultimately better human beings. Working with other departments helps build trust among all of us, and I am very much looking forward to leading this chapter.’ ”
Kendall Warnock
Kendall Warnock
Logistics Division Chief
Lincoln Fire & Rescue

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