Council Gold Knight


Needs Approval:  Before ordering, please submit an Award Nomination Form for approval. Only one Gold Knight may be presented by each council each year.

The Gold Knight is the highest award NMA Councils can bestow upon an outstanding executive.


The Gold Knight Award is the highest award NMA Councils can bestow upon an outstanding executive. Only one may be presented in a year.  The nominee must be an executive whose reputation for outstanding leadership is well-known in the area served by the chapters comprising the Council.  The nominee must be a person who has demonstrated the highest qualities of leadership in business or government as well as being involved in community activities.  Further, the nominee should have motivated others to practice the principles of NMA’s Code of Ethics and always conducted himself or herself in an exemplary manner.  Gold Knight recipients model the way, inspire shared visions, foster the development of others, and celebrate peoples’ achievements.

This beautiful award comes with a 10″x7″ crystal arc and a brass knight figurine mounted on a 12″x4″x1 5/8″ black base. Price: $319.00.

PLEASE NOTE: Price is subject to change.

Award Nomination

To nominate a candidate for the Council Gold Knight and order the award:

  1. Complete the online Award Nomination Form which will send a copy to the NMA Executive Director, the NMA Executive Committee, and your Council’s assigned director, for approval.
  2. Once you’ve obtained the approvals, place your order here at Shop NMA. You may pay by credit card or ask to be invoiced.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 13 × 7.5 in