Chapter Information

History of the NMA

The National Management Association (NMA) was organized as an association of foremen by Charles Kettering, an outstanding automotive executive and engineer, in Dayton, Ohio, in 1925. The association expanded to include all levels of management and is now the world’s largest management association. The NMA is a national, non-profit organization – with chapters throughout the United States – dedicated to the development and recognition of management as a profession and promotion of the American Enterprise System. Management chapters in the NMA devote a large portion of their time and effort to the development of management skills of their members. The national organization draws upon the vast reservoir of management knowledge within its membership and from experts in a wide variety of fields to offer programs to keep members informed about the most current management theories and techniques. Policies and programs of the NMA are determined by a national board of directors representing large and small businesses, government, health care organizations, etc. National headquarters located in Dayton, Ohio, maintains a staff of professionals committed to serving members and chapters located throughout all parts the United States.

Our Chapter

The BCBSM Management Association – located in Detroit, Michigan – was organized in 1986 as a chapter of the NMA. Over 1,700 non-bargaining unit employees of BCBSM and its subsidiaries are members of our chapter. The Blues Association is a chapter located in Lansing, Michigan. Our associations are viable and dynamic, and we are looking toward continued growth and development into the third millenium. You, our members, are the life blood of the association. The future rests with you!