Company Chapters

Members participate in a local chapter that resides in one business or organization. Members are company/organization employees and the chapter focuses not only on individual skill development, but also partners with the parent organization to assist in achieving business goals, both long-term and short term. NMA chapters work alongside the companies’ HRD/training and developing staff to support ongoing HR initiatives.

Company chapters determine their own membership eligibility requirements – most company chapters are open to all employees. Many permit sub-contractors, credit unions, and other business partners to participate as well. ALL local chapter members belong to the national organization and pay dues to both the national and local chapter. National dues are $48/member/year, plus a one-time $10 Registration Fee. Chapter dues are individually established by the chapter – always a lump sum that includes the national dues. Most pay monthly via payroll deduction. Some opt to pay annually.

Community Chapters

Members participate in a regional chapter where people come from a variety of businesses, industries, and governmental agencies/bodies in the community. While members do not all work for the same organization, they do bring their shared interests and mutual challenges to the table. They then collectively decide upon chapter programming and other activities that cut across all the businesses and help develop managers and leaders in those organizations.

Community chapters determine their own membership eligibility requirements. All members of a community chapter are members of the national organization. Chapter members pay both local and national dues. National dues are $48/member/year plus a one-time $10 Registration Fee. Chapter dues are individually established by the community chapter – always a lump sum that includes the national dues. Community chapters may elect to submit dues monthly or annually.

Individual Members

NMA’s Individual Membership Program serves professionals who do not work for organizations that have a Company Chapter or who do not live close to a Community Chapter. Dues are $48/member per year, plus a one-time $20 Registration Fee (waived for anyone who has previously belonged to an NMA chapter). This category of membership comprises working women and men across a broad range of business and industry as well as professional speakers, seminar leaders, consultants, and academicians.

Individuals have full rights and privileges and may serve on the NMA Board of Directors if interested. All regional and national educational programs, group discussion and self-study courses, workshops, webinars, affinity programs, and any other member benefits are open to Individual Members. They receive all association newsletters, discounts, access to certification programs, and social media communications and participation.

Spousal Members

Spousal Members are spouses or significant others / partners who reside at the same physical location of a current NMA member in good standing.

All member programs and benefits are available to Spousal Members. Dues are $25/year paid directly to NMA. Spousal members receive a 30% discount on conference registration fees when attending an NMA conference with their spouse, who is also a registered conference attendee and a current NMA member. Chapter members who have retired or who are about to retire, may apply for “Life Retired Member” status. It may be requested by a chapter officer / member on behalf of the retiring individual.

After the application is approved, a special one-time membership card will be issued and sent to a designated chapter member for presentation to the retired member. This is an especially nice gesture as part of a retirement party/observance. NO dues are paid by a Life Retired Member.

Life Retired Members are eligible to participate in all member benefit / affinity programs, found here.

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