Why Join NMA?

An NMA membership expands your professional network and opens you to a world of new ideas and opportunities.


Be Inspired



Whether you want to build rockets at NASA, design jets at Lockheed Martin, work in your local Parks and Recreation department, or deliver healthcare at a major insurer, NMA is the place to connect!

Be Inspired

NMA features countless hours of content from members and inspirational leaders from around the globe. Through our partner portals, webinars, as well as our LIVEOnline series, membership in the NMA can help fulfill your career aspirations.


NMA members receive easy access and discounted pricing to critical certifications, continuing education credits and much more. Learn more at the link below.

Easy to join, fun to participate in!

NMA provides an easy pathway to discounted certifications and acts as a networking group for members to interact professionally and casually to help fulfill each other careers. 

Here to Help

Need help or any information about the NMA? Darrell and Abbie are here to assist!

Darrell Wacker

Director of Operations

Abbie Funke 

Director of Member Services

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