NMA Councils

“Reach out and touch!”

NMA councils are geographic “collections” of chapters which join together to strengthen their individual operations. A council is designed to be an extension of our individual chapters through which local chapters band together to share experiences, provide officer training, network among their NMA colleagues, and serve as a planning and organization center for the area. The NMA Council Brochure sums it all up succinctly: “Development through interchange and growth through cooperation.”

Councils provide opportunities for chapter officers and members to work together with other chapter leaders in their geographic area. Some councils meet every month while others meet every other month or quarterly. Each Council has its own Constitution and Bylaws that governs the operation of the council.

Membership in a council requires chapter affiliation unless that council has provisions for individual membership.  Some councils do allow individual membership.

If a council does not exist in your area and you are interested in forming a council, contact NMA’s National Resource Center at (937) 294-0421.

Listing of NMA Councils

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