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What’s Next? Rebuild Momentum. Crush Goals. Become Unstoppable.

Join us for this upcoming NMA Live Online!!

Thursday, July 16, 2020, 12:00 pm & 3:00 pm EDT

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Self Leadership + Goal Creation

What’s Next? Rebuild Momentum. Crush Goals. Become Unstoppable!

We’re more than half way through a challenging 2020. Are your goals on track? How are your motivation levels? Where are you going from here?

This checkpoint self-assessment paired with mastering the crucial secrets of goal creation will create the momentum you’ve been craving! Then, it’s not enough to create awesome goals — once you have polished self-leadership skills too, you’ll see explosive professional growth.

Imagine learning how to:

• Achieve goals quicker with a proven, step-by-step method that aligns with your career vision and purpose

• Keep yourself and your team motivated through the goal crushing process

• Turn stress, failure and potential negativity in your favor

• Boost your self-leadership skills to unshakeable levels

Warning: this session will challenge your thinking. But you’ll walk away with concrete success principles and a goal creation framework to make you unstoppable at anything you do.

Meet Your Facilitator

Kristie Stocker, CEO Kinetik Edge

What do you get when you mix one part energetic problem solver, with a generous portion of leadership expertise and a sprinkle of marathon running?  You get Kristie Stocker — an award-winning professional speaker, success coach and leadership expert.
Kristie is CEO of Kinetik Edge, a coaching and training company, that specializes in helping accounting professionals and executives boost profits and productivity by strengthening their leadership advantage. Kristie comes with 20 years of past experience in a marketing and communications background for a large corporation, so she knows a thing or three about working with different personalities, various teams and differing opinions (all under crazy deadlines).  
She’s been teaching and mentoring driven professionals since 2002 on how to advance their self-leadership skills and take their success to unbelievable levels. She’s better known to her clients as the expert in helping them become excuse-breaking, fear-crushing, goal-exceeding leaders.
Her claim to fame is a seemingly never-ending (mostly non-caffeinated) supply of energy because fun is the name of her game. When she’s not training for her next race, traveling to new adventures or coaching high-achieving professionals and companies, she’s helping audience members create seriously fun success. 

Webinars are conducted on the third Thursday of the month, unless otherwise noted due to potential conflicts with national, regional, or other NMA meetings.

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