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Be among the first to offer this new “NMA Proprietary Course” to your members!

This course was designed to equip leaders and virtual team members with the skills and knowledge needed to make every virtual team WILDLY successful!


Five chapters, all dedicated to understanding the characteristics, challenges, and opportunities that come with working on virtual teams!

  1. Analyze Virtual Workplace Realities
  2. Overcome Distance and Cultural Factors
  3. Feel the Impact of Accountability and Shared Vision
  4. Learn How to Mitigate Conflict
  5. Identify Outstanding Best Virtual Practices


Participant Manual (3-ring binder) – $49 *


Leader Guide – $99 *

Leader Guide includes:

  • Participant Manual
  • Leader’s Manual with facilitation hints, discussion questions, and pre & post tests
  • CD – complete PPT presentation with leader notes

* Yes, you can get 50% off using your NMA Chapter Rewards Dollars!!

To learn more about “BVT” follow this link:  Building Virtual Teams

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