A Leaders Guide to Burnout

A Leaders Guide to Burnout

In today’s fast-paced work environments, burnout has become an increasingly prevalent issue affecting both employees and leaders.

Amanda Malm knows that reality all too well!

Amanda was an engineer at Lockheed Martin for 21 years where she worked as a systems engineer and program manager. After years of constant work travel, long days, and weekend work, she found herself burnout and suffering from exhaustion.

This led to a year-long sabbatical.

As she talked with other professionals she discovered many of them were also feeling burnout symptoms and benefiting from her knowledge of sabbatical life.

During the webinar, Amanda will offer valuable insights and practical strategies for leaders to recognize, respond to, and facilitate recovery from burnout within themselves, their teams and organizations.

Understand the signs and symptoms of burnout, its impact on individual and team performance, and proactive measures to foster a healthier work culture.

Whether you’re a seasoned manager or emerging leader, join us to empower yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate burnout, cultivate a thriving workplace culture, and drive organizational success.

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