NMA LiveOnline with Alex Weber

NMA’s monthly webinar series continues on Wednesday, December 15 as Alex Weber will share his 6 Step System to Peak Leadership & Performance outlined in his book Fail Proof: Become the Unstoppable You! There will be two sessions – one at 12 Noon and another at 3 PM Eastern.

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?
What could you do? Who might you become? What might you lead?
Here’s the thing: everyone fails—but not everyone knows how to fail.

So sometimes you may hit a setback and it makes you want to quit on your goals, or worse, quit on yourself.

Not on Alex Weber’s watch! That’s tragic and he’s not having it for you.

Alex will discuss:

– beating your fears and doubts
– harnessing your positive energy
– growing true confidence in yourself and what you’re capable of!
– setting goals that actually matter to you
– relentlessly achieving your ambitions
– becoming a resilient and impactful leader
– loving the experiences, relationships, and growth of your life!

You will do things you didn’t believe you could do, become someone you weren’t sure you could be, and lead people you never thought you could reach. You will become the Unstoppable You, that is Alex’s deepest promise.

Alex Weber is an International Speaker, Award-Winning Performer, and American Ninja Warrior positively impacting over 3.5 Million people worldwide to overcome obstacles, fears, and even failures to achieve their goals. Alex has also been awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year honors, holds a World Record, and is a 5x TEDx Speaker. Alex empowers individuals to take action as Leaders, realize your fullest potential, inspire the best of others, and accomplish your goals!

Your better life is waiting. Let’s make you Fail Proof.

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