What is NMA Membership?

Membership in NMA, via a local chapter or as an Individual Member, means that you take ownership in your career and in your own development.  Others may “own” your “job”, but YOU own your career.  Through NMA you voluntary choose to participate in a myriad of local, regional, and national activities all designed to help you GROW.
NMA supplies the missing piece of the human resource puzzle – opportunities for people to actually PRACTICE leadership, especially via the non-threatening environment of the NMA chapter.  Call it a “leadership incubator” if you will; updating your skills, developing NEW ones, and sharing best practices and lessons learned with colleagues and peers.
NMA Members choose their individual level of participation.  So many times, we see people almost literally coming out of their shell via their NMA involvement.  Almost all of us get “pigeon-holed” at one time or another in our careers.  How do we break out?  How do we find opportunities to stretch our wings and take on new challenges?
The answer?  Through NMA!  Taking on a chair position or serving as an NMA chapter officer opens new doors, puts you in front of senior leaders, and allows you to showcase your full range of attributes and leadership competencies.
NMA chapters allow people to cultivate their inner leader – that other side of their personalities through which they can connect with others, influence behavior, and model integrity.  They are better equipped to think and act as leaders.
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