What NMA Delivers

People use different “descriptors” for the NMA Chapter.  Some call them “leadership laboratories.”  Others refer to them as “leadership incubators.”  In some circles, they’re referred to as “Vehicles for Achievement” or even “A Training Ground for Servant Leaders.”

No matter which phrase speaks to you, NMA and an NMA chapter deliver the following:

  • A group of professionals who show a commitment to one company, one team or one community, one collection of dedicated residents
  • Ongoing professional development workshops, lunch ‘n learns, and after-hours training, often supplementing other ongoing training & development programs
  • Chapter meetings with professional speakers, panelists, business & community leaders to broaden perspectives and open new horizons
  • Commitment to youth and community service activities, allowing people to serve others while representing the organization or civic leaders
  • Leadership development happening at multiple levels – recognizing that growing leaders is a necessary and ongoing investment
  • Senior level exposure to chapter leaders where they can see “where people are today” and assess their potential for growth
  • A rewarding collective experience where mentoring relationships begin to form naturally as people work together in support of the organizational or community mission and vision

Through the NMA chapter, people learn to:

  • Understand others by acquiring intuition and empathy and building trust
  • Induce desirable responses in others via political acumen and social skills
  • Develop awareness of themselves and others
  • Manage their reactions and resources via self-regulation and new perspectives
  • Express self-confidence through initiative, commitment, and perseverance

For employers, the NMA Chapter is a breeding ground for leadership development — women and men who take it upon themselves to OWN their personal growth strategies, counsel and mentor others, and create their own learning environment.   Peer-to-peer, colleague-to-colleague, NMA members strengthen themselves; they learn and problem-solve together.  They are your most engaged employees.  Engagement fosters commitment and releases creativity.   That translates into increased profits and growing your business, and your employees, together.


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