Currently, NMA Chapters are located across the nation in 23 different states.
Nationally, we have over 10,000 active members.

Chapter Listing by Area

The NMA Chapter Listing includes links to contact the Chapter President, who can provide you with information about chapter activities.  They can also assist individuals who wish to affiliate with that chapter.

Chapter Formation:  Interested in forming a chapter?  Contact NMA National Headquarters and we’ll help you get started!  You can have your very own chapter up and running in as little as 60-90 days.  Take ownership of your career TODAY!  You have nothing to lose and lot to gain.  We also offer a great Individual Membership program.

Central Area

517 Leadership Link

Christina Hitz

Contact Christina

560 Lockheed Martin Rocky Mountain

Stephen Black

Contact Stephen

581 Sanford Leadership

Jennifer Hoerner

Contact Jennifer

Northeast Area

141 Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Michigan

Tory Niceswander

Contact Tory

145 The Blues – A Chapter of NMA

Arianne Overholtz

Contact Arianne

220 Columbus Public Service Chapter

Lesley Carter

Contact Lesley

611 LMLA Chapter 611

Gerard Mahon

Contact Gerard

Pacific North Area

395 Mid-Columbia Leadership Development Assoc.

Brett Barnes

Contact Brett

534 Lockheed Martin SSC Leadership Assoc.

Kelsy Maximillen

Contact Kelsy

536 Lockheed Martin Central Coast Leadership Association

Nicholas Bradshaw

Contact Nicholas

540 Lockheed Martin SSC Leadership Assoc.

Allan Sison

Contact Allan

706 Port of Seattle Chapter

Michelle Carioto

Contact Michelle

764 Santa Clara Leadership Assoc.

John Kuntzmann

Contact John

902 Energy Northwest Chapter

Carl Golightly

Contact Carl

Pacific South Area

402 Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Chapter of NMA

Lucinda Santos

Contact Lucinda

525 Lockheed Martin Leadership Association

Cindy Falkenberg

Contact Cindy

Southeast Area

154 Boeing Rocket City Leadership Assoc.

Sharon Myers

Contact Sharon

495  KRBwyle Leadership

Chad Stevens

Contact Chad

524 Lockheed Martin Leadership Assn.

Matt Adams

Contact Matt

530 Lockheed Martin Leadership Clearwater

Lisa Williams

Contact Lisa

531 Lockheed Martin Leadership Assn.

Girish Patel

Contact Girish

535 Lockheed Martin SSC Leadership Assoc.

Ashley Johnson

Contact Ashley

542 Lockheed Martin SSC Leadership Assoc.

Jay Stanford

Contact Jay

546 Lockheed Martin SSC Leadership Assoc.

Angela Young

Contact Angela

625 Collins Aerospace Leadership Assoc. #625

Shelby Armstrong

Contact Shelby

632 Boeing Fort Walton Beach Leadership Assoc.

Brian Meier

Contact Brian

773 Savannah River Site Leadership Assoc.

Winston Moore

Contact Winston

Southwest Area

155 Boeing Oklahoma Leadership

Clay Van Meter

Contact Clay

 249 Lockheed Martin Leadership Assn.   

Marcus Payne

Contact Marcus

280 Nokia Leadership Association (NLA)

Marcelo Laranjeira

Contact Marcelo

492 KBRwyle Leadership Assoc.-Clear Lake

David Ham

Contact David

555 LMSSC-LA Greater New Orleans Chapter

Davin Kieff

Contact Davin

 626 Collins Aerospace Chapter

Jennifer Estrada

Contact Jennifer

Chapter Websites

#145 The Blues Chapter

#220 Columbus Public Service Chapter

#249 Lockheed Martin Leadership Association

#395 Mid-Columbia Leadership Development Association

#492 Wyle Leadership Association

#495 KBRwyle Leadership Association

#514 Lennox Leadership Development Organization


#517 Leadership Link

#618 North Carolina State Government Chapter

#701 Boeing Leadership Association of Southern California

#764 Santa Clara Valley Leadership Association