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NMA LiveOnline Webinar “Why we are failing young leaders” with Joe Reichert

Join us Thursday, December 14 at Noon Eastern for NMA’s Monthly LiveOnline Webinar series. This month Joe Reichert will discuss “Why we are failing young leaders and what do do about it.”

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Why we are failing young leaders and what to do about it

We may have already turned our next Abraham Lincoln or Maya Angelou into a manager, and not a leader. That’s because for the last 60 years we’ve used the terms interchangeably, which has led to the biggest myth of our time; that being a manager automatically makes someone a leader. Which, for anyone who has ever had a bad boss, knows this couldn’t be further from the truth.


There are no prerequisites to being a leader. Functional duties or the power a person commands have no impact on the type of leader they are, or more importantly the one they can become.  No matter a person’s status, job title, or years of experience, anyone can become a leader once they understand what it means to truly follow someone else; and is exactly what we need to be teaching to our next generation of leaders.

 About Joe Reichert

Joe Reichert is a TEDx speaker, leadership coach, aerospace program manager, and author of the book Leader Relativity: Finally a Starting Point for New Leaders. He is one of the youngest coaches in USARL history, is a former college football national champion, and he now believes that every person has the potential to be a life changing leader once they know the basics of how leadership actually works.


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