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Leadership … On the go!

SIX self-paced 1 hour courses where you choose the timely, relevant, and important topics that fit into your schedule.

Leadership and Influence

The mark of a true leader is how many people are willing to follow him or her.  Study the five abilities that Kouzes and Posner identified in their book, The Leadership Challenge  – crucial to successful leadership.  Take a closer look at “situational leadership” and how different leadership styles impact situational leadership differently.   Learn the importance of the “Art of Persuasion” and take a deep dive into creating an action plan that will impact your legacy.

Change Management

How to position a team for success when change is imminent.  How do you select the right people?  Study six key elements for implementing change:  commitment, contribution, communication, cooperation, conflict management, and connection.  Learn what other resources to muster, how to build support, and how effective communications can put you over the top. Establishing performance measurement and accountability systems will seal the deal.

Emotional Intelligence

How to communicate with power and tailor-fit your communication to your audience.  Helpful reminders about body language and non-verbal communication.  The old adage, “It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It” really does matter! Understand how social proficiencies and personal proficiencies impact you in the workplace.  Learn how to create a powerful first impression, assess situations, and be zealous without being offensive.

Goal Setting & Getting Things Done

Learn how to identify and remove distractions right out of the gate.  Email, phone call, your office environment, and good old “clutter” are slowing you down and will continue to do so until you address them.  Learn to use “gamification” – identify tasks, assign points, assign reward, and keep score if you plan to win this battle!  When creating a “to do” list, learn how to keep “chunk, block, and tackle” in mind as your main strategy for getting things done.

Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

A study of active listening techniques, creating positive self-talk,  and how to set goals to advance your career.   Learning to ask questions is an art but it’s easy to master.  How do you measure and track your own progress?  How do your core values impact your professional demeanor and style?  How do you develop compelling reasons to pursue your goals?  Learn how to make positive first impressions.

Generation Gaps

There are no longer four generations in the workplace, there are five!  This course examines all of then—why they are called what they are, how the backgrounds of each generation helps define them, looks at the more typical characteristics of each, and the working styles of each group.  Learn how to differentiate your own methods for communicating with each, develop a mental “retention plan” for all your good people (no matter where they fall on this spectrum), apply the CARE model to get the best out of everyone, and finally, learn how to learn from each other.

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